Agile Methodologies for Non-Developers?

This is just a thought right now. More of a mental note; possibly not yet worthy of a blog post. But I think putting it out there will help it grow.

I've been working with teams and implementing Agile methodologies since before I knew there was a phrase for it. I used to call it "getting it done development". I was going to call my original company "JDI Software" for "Just Do It", but then Nike came out with that damn ad campaign...

Anyway, I digress.

In every large non-development specific organization that I have worked for, Agile has met resistence from the operational folks. You know, those people who control the servers, routers, and wires that connect them all. And I've always worked to accomodate their needs. I get it - they have a job to do and they have a way of doing it. And while it has been a few years, I was once one of "them". This isn't a developers versus operations rant. I have great respect and understanding for all of my extended team.

But lately, I've been wondering if Agile can be applied to "them". Can/would/do agile practices apply to server management, security, and networking?

What are your thoughts?