Our Values...

... are the foundation for all decisions. They serve as the compass that guides us through our personal and professional lives. All action; all thought; in every way we represent ourselves; we must represent our values.

Be fair.

Find the answer that best serves all parties. Act upon your highest sense of right.


Grow continuously, personally and professionally, in small ways. Evolution is the sum of many tiny, nearly indiscernible adjustments.


Seek new ways; seek new means; do the unexpected.

Take Initiative.

Present your ideas. Put forth the extra effort. The one who make the most mistakes, learns the most lessons.

Be accountable.

Answer for your mistakes and your deserved praise will come.

Be forgiving.

Seek to understand and assist. Do not condemn others for their differences. To criticize and dismiss leaves neither party better off.


Become truly involved. Make this your team, for it already is.

Have respect.

Honor your coworkers and clients.


Make your life rich in many ways. Seek new experiences, new relationships, and a new perspective. Then bring it back and teach others.

And always, Tell The Truth.

- Michael J. Norton (1997)