Visible Metrics with Corey Haines

We've been discussing Metrics in the Software Craftsmanship Group and I just posted some notes on the topic yesterday. Today, I had an opportunity to watch Corey's "Road Thoughts" on Visible Metrics.

And I like where Corey is headed with this. The measurements discussed are related to code quality. They apply to a code base written by one or by a team of hundreds. These metrics can and should be used for good. Developers can monitor their improvement or ensure their quality does not slide.

Corey takes this concept to a new level; comparative metrics. Metrics that are gathered about your code base, but are devoid of any specific intellectual property. These metrics are then shared, perhaps publicly or perhaps anonymously, for collective comparison. So not only can you then monitor your own quality, but you can compare against others. How do you mark against the industry as a whole? How do you mark against companies of similar size in your regional location? How do you compare against individuals around the world in your language of choice?

With courage, what can we as a community do to help each other learn and grow?