On The Scrum Compliance

A recent article by Tobias Mayer has been getting a lot of attention. "The Scrum Compliance" is an accounting of why Tobias is moving on from the Scrum Alliance. This article is not the first on the ugliness that has become the Scrum Alliance.

I've read this article a number of times and I am disheartened by all of this. Such an ugly series of events playing out in an opaque manner on a semi-public stage. We hear pieces of what has transpired and assumptions about what motivates the participants. We get facts mixed with opinion mixed with emotion. The "logical" conclusions, when seriously considered are not logical. That the committee representing the Scrum Alliance is comprised of power-greedy oligarchs does not at all seem like a logical conclusion. Yet, I hear it stated as if it is known fact based on the "evidence".

I'm neither defending nor attacking anyone here. I think Tobias is an honorable man who speaks from the heart. I am not saying that he is right or that he is wrong. I am saying I do not know, that very few of us actually does, and that he alone cannot tell the entire story.

Regardless, I now question my connections with the Scrum Alliance. They are not particularly tight, but whether I believe the rumors or not, it seems a good time to be a distance from the SA rather than standing next to it, taking shrapnel.